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We require you to have an active

Administrative Fee before registering!

As of November 6th, 2017 you will not be able to register for a league, program or class without having the Administrative Fee associated with the individual that you are trying to register. There are a few ways that you will be able to do this, but this has to be done PRIOR to registering for the activity.

Here is how you can add an Administrative Fee to your account:

1. At United Sports or over the phone

a. Simply let our staff know that you would like renew or add the administrative fee
and they will add that for you.

2. Online

a. Log in or Create your Max Galaxy Account

b. On the Option Bar Select “Administrative Fees & Memberships”

c. In the Drop down menu select “Administrative Fees”

d. Purchase

Please keep in mind that you will have to add the Administrative Fee PRIOR to registering for your league, program or class.

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Please call 610-466-7100 or email info@unitedsports.net with questions!